Social Media Marketing

+ As social media presence is increasingly a make or break for brands, strategies are developed to push content via social media platforms with measurable objectives and online conversation monitoring. For clients, competitive analyses are done, online and social initiatives are created and social media campaigns are executed. Influencers are seeded strategically and conversion and ROI reports are completed post-campaign. 


+ La Femme NY offers services in event planning from start to finish. Without events, clients are unable to create a true presence, and whether it be a product launch, a party, a presentation, show, etc., LFNY utilizes strategic planning processes to provide awareness to publics. LFNY works closely with clients to ensure media contacts are up-to-date and pitches are done to influencers, bloggers and press in a timely manner. Logistics and objectives are also reviewed prior to events to ensure effective reach.

Media Relations

+ LFNY offers services to ensure successful press days for each client. Press kits are assembled and delivered and press lists are updated through research and time. Because media relations requires heavy outreach, follow-ups with media are on-going. LFNY also works to coordinate program planning and the drafting and distribution of press releases to media at events, conferences, launches, etc.


+ LFNY ensures that each individual client has effective, true relationships with publics and a true presence amongst them. Uniformed messages are frequently created and sent to publics through product placement and media pitches.


+ Your brand can be assessed across a range of criteria — from web to logo, to social media performance and strategy, event participation and activity. LFNY offers servicing to enhance and improve brand images through consulting. Brand images can be improved by changing imaging and presence, and strategic advice can be given.


+ Through custom elaborate yet minimal imagery, LFNY provides clients with distinction to compete in respective marketplaces and tell their stories. LFNY works to create a clean identity for each of its emerging clients that consumers find appealing and relatable.